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Duke E.

"I'm so excited about the results that I'm receiving from The YELLOW LETTER MENTORING program. It's simply amazing!! (Success always leaves results) That happens to be Wendy Lovejoy's programs magic. It's simply SIMPLE. WENDY LOVEJOY made it simple. She gives you step-by-step support. She follows the "KISS" philosophy. "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID". I'm glad that it is simple. Or, I'd be in trouble. I also like that she is not only teaching us,(hands-on) but she is ACTUALLY still practicing what she's teaching. She's still in the field. Unlike the other people that call themselves Gurus. 

"Once I decided to get out of my own way (and listen to Wendy)- I sent out my first 15 letters, and received my first call within 4 days of mailing the letters. By the week's end- I had a total of 3 calls. That resulted in one house in contract. Another in negotiations. 

"Thank you Wendy...for having a Dream big enough to include me." — Duke E, California

"This is an awesome group and I have learned so much over the years from you and the information you have given me and many others... I am very successful in real estate because of you and your programs... I have implemented them to my everyday things to do and I am definitely living proof that your knowledge is effective in this business... Thank You!" — Anthony W

"Very through in the presentation of delivering the information that would make you successful if you apply it." — Pamela M

"If you want to learn from someone with professional integrity and humility who wants you to be successful then choose Coach Wendy Lovejoy." — Shauna M

"I really enjoyed this program it was very informative. Like the fact that there is a package for any budget." — Carma M

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