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The sales scripts from YLM use the latest sales techniques to help novice salespeople stand out. Work with a professional in Atlanta, Georgia, from anywhere in the country. If you're having trouble getting your teams to the next level, these scripts are a great place to start.

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Success Scripts

Is there a pastor you want to share your opportunity with but you aren't sure how to approach the subject? Perhaps you're getting tongue-tied when trying to speak with a real estate agent or a mortgage company. We know what you are trying to say, and we're here to help. Success Scripts allow you to get monthly scripts and dialogues, as well as roleplaying conference calls valued at $597.00, all for free when you sign up for the group program.

Our scripts have been the proven difference between stagnating success and improving income. Learn how to communicate your offer to the target audience that wants to do business with you. All material in these success scripts comes from someone who has mastered the field and draws from years of experience.

The Success Scripts is an eBook that gives you access to monthly scripts and dialogues as well as a roleplaying call. If you miss the call, we have access to REPLAY at your convenience. This is a must for anyone in sales of any kind including online. BUY NOW!