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In-Depth Investment Training for Real Estate

YLM in Atlanta, Georgia, shows you how to invest in properties. Even if you have poor credit, we can provide credit repair services, but you do not need to have good credit to get started with this program.

One Time Payment of $1597
3 monthly payments of $550

Our investment training workbook, however, is a 90-day coaching program that is laid out as follows:

  • 1. Mindset of a Successful Investor
  • 2. List of Names & Addresses
  • 3. How to Write the Yellow Letter
  • 4. Speaking to Sellers
  • 5. Pricing a Rehab
  • 6. Marketing Your Business Correctly
  • 7. Includes Workbook
  • 8. Building Your Team
  • 9. Creative Deal Structure
  • 10. Closing the Deal
  • 11. Financing the Deal
  • 12. Find, Fix, Flip & Fund
  • 13. Analyze a Deal
  • 14. Finding Other Investors
  • 15. Finding & Qualifying Tenants
  • 16. Networking Opportunity in Your Area

The Yellow Letter Mentoring Program Book

Credit Masters


Finding Investment Opportunities

Access training through our private Google™ group, Facebook, email, or text. Once you enroll, we start with a 30-minute game plan phone call. After this, there are group teleconferences, mindset training, and access to replay conference calls and training. Those who are not able to attend scheduled meetings have unlimited access to the conference calls and private video training. Our training includes the following:

  • Scripts & Dialogues
  • 500 Leads for ZIP Code of Your Choice
  • Social Media Marketing
  • The Yellow Letter Template

Learn how to structure the deal by finding attorneys, contractors, lenders, agents, and other investors to add to your team. You'll also learn about the necessary contracts and paperwork for processing your deal. Let us guide you through your first successful closing, as well as selling or renting the property to make serious money. You'll also get to connect with real estate experts in your area. Live group training is just $1597.00, while one-on-one coaching is offered at $9997.00 on your schedule.

Build Better Credit

Getting a new credit card, car, or house is easy when you take the Credit Masters Program for improving credit. You don't have to stay stuck with a bad score; our program is safe and secure. Go from less than 550 to around 750 or better in no time.

You'll be able to work with our legal team for a minimum of one year to get you to a number that you're happy with. If you want a car, home, or business in the future, this program will enable you to get a loan with the lowest interest rate possible. Get started today with a monthly payment of $89.00.