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What is the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program anyway? It is a complete Real Estate Investing Program with a focus on marketing, and the habits a successful Real Estate Investor must develop. It is a complete step by step program and not just a marketing campaign. Most NEWBIES and some seasoned investors do not have any idea of a system. They don't know where to start because they have no idea of what it takes.

If you have made a decision to become a Real Estate Investor having access to a mentor and a program that gives you the steps as you need them is crucial to your income transformation. Everything you need to learn to go from your first day as an investor to the multiple closed deals is what the Yellow Letter Mentoring GROUP Program is all about.

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Most Real Estate Investors lose a lot of deals because they do not have the right scripts or dialogues. They do not know what information to collect to make an informed offer. Most Top Producers in this industry improved their income when they improved their communication skills with sellers, buyers, tenants, investors, wholesalers, an attorney, title companies, contractors and every person it takes to close your deal. In this program we offer the scripts and dialogues in an ebook and a monthly role playing call. We also include worksheets. This is how you communicate to do more business by offering better service in person, on-online through Social Media and much more.

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At the Yellow Letter Mentoring Program we have no doubt there are people losing sleep because of Real Estate ISSUES and they are looking for someone to help them. Because of this we believe it is the duty of the Real Estate Investor to market on a higher level so those who need their services can be aware they exist. We inspire educate and develop Real Estate Investors to multiply their reach with love of the INDUSTRY by building their confidence skill sets and habits. We share simple step by step systems and strategies in a VORTEX that helps you unleash the Real Estate Investing GIANT within. This helps you achieve your personal dreams and financial aspirations with less anxiety. We have created a community that will allow you reach Real Estate Investing goals.

Mission Statement

To offer the resources support and direction to the Real Estate Investor. No matter where your personal finances, credit or understanding of Real Estate Investing we are the platform to help clarify the process. Your COMPLETE Real Estate Investing education can be accomplished in our programs.

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 Named Business Leader in the Metropolitan Area of Columbus by the Columbus Times Newspaper (2012)


Duke Elie

I'm so excited about the results that I'm receiving from The YELLOW LETTER MENTORING program.  
It's simply amazing!! (Success always leaves results) That happens to be Wendy Lovejoy's programs magic. It's simply SIMPLE.
WENDY LOVEJOY made it simple. She gives you step-by-step support. She follows the "KISS" philosophy. "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID".
I'm glad that it is simple. Or, I'd be in trouble. I also like that she is not only teaching us,(hands-on) but she is ACTUALLY still practicing what she's teaching. She's still in the field. Unlike the other people that call themselves Gurus.

Once I decided to get out of my own way (and listen to Wendy)- I sent out my first 15 letters, and received my first call within 4 days of mailing the letters. By the weeks end- I had a total of 3 calls. That resulted in one house in contract. Another in negotiations.
Thank you Wendy...for having a Dream big enough to include me.

-Duke Elie, California


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